I'm happy to share with you some of the many comments that I received from users:
" If you need a great looking custom 3D model of a character created in next to no time
from just a couple of images, I highly recommend It's Ming! That's exactly what we got."
Bernard Wong / MS Agent Programmer /
"Ming & his ToonShop is one of the finest resources available for modeling services,
providing fine quality work with flare & efficiency, we consider him one of the team"
James Boty / Art Director / Electronics Arts &
Bull Frog Productions
(Maker of Dungeon Keeper
game and various popular games title.) /
" Recieved your 3D illustration. Excellent, very happy with the final results.
I would like to thank you again, for the first class and most efficient work.

Having worked with you, over a distance of 11.000 Km, and with the help
of the net, I am now convinced that the net is the future and that we can all
benefit from a globel pool of talent ".

Marcello Mario Minale / Creative Director /
Minale Tattersfield & Partners
/ UK
" Your models are excellent. I love the cartoon personality and the
quality of the work. Definitely some of the best 3D character models I've seen :) "
Bill Fleming / Author of 3D Creature Workshop & Mastering 3D Graphics / USA
" Great models. Your models have a definitive style that is playful, comical
and amusing. Each one is full of life and expression."
Kelly Murdock / IDG author of upcoming
3D StudioMax Bible
" I love it ! My designer is incorporating it into our project. Don't anticipate
any problems, but will let you know if we do. I'm a big fan now and will
recommend you to anyone I come across interested in this sort of work. "
David Rhodes / Latitude 90 / UK
" Thank you Ming. Your craftmanship is only exceeded by your talent. I am very
happy with the results. "
Ken Brose / Animator / USA
" You're a amazing modeller! "
Christopher Wing / Animator
North Western Mutual
" This result is freaking incredible! The Jean Luc model is the best piece of 3D modelling
I've ever seen. I buy models from elsewhere and none of them even came close to what you
did on Jean Luc. "
Jean-Marie Cannie / Image-Line Software /
Pavell Software
/ Belgium
" I just downloaded 3 of the free models. They are great cute models.
Thank you for offering them. "
Mauri Petersen
" I recieved the characters & they are excellent for us.They look as beautiful
here as they do in your site. I've a lot of fun with your characters, they are cool & they are built
very well for animation.. "
Eyal Katz / Edusoft Israel
" Wow, prompt service and great looking objects! What more can anyone ask for?"
Josh Tsui / Author of Lightwave X-treme / USA
" I love your models, its damn great and of very high quality!
It saved me the time and headache in modeling. I can meet the deadline with the client because of
your prompt services and models from 12.000 km away. The internet is really a wonder! And yes,
I hope to work again with you in the future. "
John P. Santos / CG Animator /
3Do2 Computer Graphics Productions, Canada.
" Again thank you very much. This was really a cool fast service action. The Qualitiy of your
meshes is perfect. ( I knew that already, because I was once downloading a sample from your page! -
good promo action! ) "
Beat Bachmann / CG Animator /Swisszerland
" Your models worked out pretty well ! I want to say that you have a very nice way of making mesh
and designing your characters. The lines are smooth and your artistic touch shows that you know
what you are doing.I am encouraged by the results so far and by the look of your characters and your mesh. "
Gary Jesch / 3D Animator / CHOPS & Associates
Live Animation, USA
" I had always respected your talent....but this is just a tremendous job!
Well done! I am sooooo pleased! You can bet that any future business I need will go to you !
Thank you very much for a great job, I look forward to seeing your future work.. "
Russel Baker / Clear As Mud Productions,USA
" Ming is the best.....I admire your work. Easy and fast to order for a perfect mesh and awesome character "
B. Alien / 3D Animator / Belgium
" Your models are great, they are very smooth, and easy to work with. We are happy with the consistant
quality of all of your models that we have purchased "
Jim Hanrahan / Digizap / USA
" I have received all the models.They are as beautiful as I had expected and more! Thanks very much!"
GM / Pearl Productions / Oman
" Ming's models are not only great artistically, they are also professionally made and a joy to work with."
Ryan M. Fruit / Researcher /
UW Madison Graphics Lab
" Ming, you are a genious! I got the custom models and it look miraculous great. Thanks a lot."
Alexander Noelle / Animator / Spectrum Co. / Austria
" Thank you very much for the great job!
We are really pleased with the model and it will perform great in our Virtual Actor System.

It's really amazing the way we are working with you, for us in Mexico is not quite common yet to make
deals thru the Internet and it has been a really wonderful experience.

I think we have a lot more to come with you..."

Max Maciel / Video & Multimedia Producer /
Grupo Mundo
/ Mexico
" Hi Ming! The NaNa model look great, we all love it. You are the best. Thank you Ming."
Michael Lai / Maker of Rocket Girl (PC game) /
TomatoSoft Co.
/ Taiwan
" We love your models!"
Chris Ward / Lightspeed Design Group / USA
" You are a saviour. I have a deadline and your models really helped me out. All your models are great!."
Jeffrey D. Baxter / Animator / Baximation Co./ USA
" It's Ming is by far our favourite source of 3D models. We were terrifically impressed by the range,
quality and usability of the designs."
Tim Craig / Managing Director / HyperMatter Dynamics / UK
"Your models is great, thank you for your prompt services."
Adrian Hodgkinson/ Hodgkinson Co / UK
" I received the bunny model, it's so nice and works so well."
Abecassis / Discreet Certified Instructor / Canada
" Thanks again for the fine work you did on the female model, it really looks cool, in fact, it's perfect. "
Robert England / Director / USA
"The quality of Ming's work speaks for itself. He created a complex, custom Lightwave character model for me
from a set of 2D drawings very quickly and with incredible detail all at a price that represents an exceptional value.
His willingness to do business via the internet and his knowledge of handling payments internationally is a great asset
as well. Thanks for a job well done!"
Jim Woodruff / Animator / USA
"Thanks for the models. The models are very good. We have animated the models, and it works fine."
Rinus/ Hoek & Havenaar Produkties BV / Netherlands
"Thank you for your work and your availability. I hope that our collaboration will not stop here, and may evolve in the future with other works."
Aldo Paradiso/ GMD / Germany
"Thank you for your services - You are the best modeller in the world !"
Robert Thompson / DigityDog / USA
"Great job Ming! That's what I expected, nothing less than excellence."
Amr Elbanhawy / GM, Pearl Studios / USA
"Thank you very much. It is exactly what we were looking for and we will definitely recommend you
to other people."
Tony Petrou / HeroicSolutions/UK
" I really have to say that you are gifted. They all look great. Thanks for your work well done."
Takeshi Takeuchi / Upsizing K.K./ Tokyo, Japan
" The man model was exactly as I wanted him to be. What can I say?.. a perfect job from an excellent artist!
Thank you Ming, really nice working with you! I´ll use your talent in future project, that´s a fact! "
Peder Karlsson / Eject Ab / Sweden
" FANTASTIC. Thanks for the VERY fast turnaround and the wonderful job on the model. I can't say enough
about how impressed I am with your skill and the speed at which you completed this project. "
Giovanni Gallucci, Partner / Dallas Web Builder, Inc.
(Microsoft Certified Partner) / USA
" Humpty Dumpty 3ds file worked fine. Thanks very much, it was excellent, do more business soon. "
Andrew Green / Precious-Moments / Australia